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Benefits of CCRVC Membership

Supplier Discounts

Special discounts and rebates from Associate Suppliers are exclusive benefits you will receive as a CCRVC Campground.

Being a national Association we are able to negotiate attractive terms and service offerings from a select group of industry-leading national partners.


The Canadian Camping and RV Council. along with its partners RVDA of Canada and the Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association represents a united and powerful voice in Government Advocacy.

CCRVC participates in the RV and Campground Industry Lobby Day on Parliament Hill annually in Ottawa.


There is no better place to grow and share ideas than in a community of like-minded individuals and businesses.

When joining CCRVC or one of our Provincial Member Associations you are truly with your peers and collectively we have a much stronger voice.


It is important for campground owners to stay current with the latest developments, skills, and new technologies in order to be successful.

We are developing new educational tools and resources that will help you create the best experience possible for your guests. Stay on top of the latest trends and best practices!

“Being a Member of the Canadian Camping and RV Council provides my Campground with the opportunity to connect with my peers in an Association with a sole purpose to make my business more efficient and profitable”
Johan Feddema
Owner, Riverbend Campground Rocky Inc. – Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

Become a Campground Member

If your Campground or RV Park is located in a Province where we have a Provincial Member Association,  you automatically become a CCRVC Member when you join your Provincial Association. For a list of our Provincial Associations, click below. 


Member Associations

Become a CCRVC Campground - Non-Provincial Association

If your Campground or RV Park is located in Saskatchewan where there is not a Provincial Member Association, you can still join CCRVC directly to obtain the benefits of membership. To learn more

Contact Us

Become a CCRVC Supplier

Interested in marketing directly to CCRVC’s Campgrounds?

Join our Association and become an endorsed CCRVC Supplier.  

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Canadian Camping and RV Council

Your voice in the Canadian RV and Camping Industry

Frequently asked questions about the Canadian Camping and RV Council

What is the purpose of the Canadian Camping and RV Council?

The Canadian Camping and RV Council (CCRVC) is an Association comprised of the Provincial Campground Owners’ Associations and their member private campgrounds, the RVDA of Canada and the Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association. The Canadian Camping and RV Council provides their members with the services and support that RV Parks and Campgrounds need to be successful while helping to promote the growth and development of the Canadian RV and Camping Industry.

What is Canadian Camping and RV Council's mission?

Canadian Camping and RV Council promotes a thriving and vibrant Camping and RV industry through collaboration with our Provincial Members, Individual Private Campground Owners and our RV Industry Partners. 

What Advocacy does the Canadian Camping and RV Council do for my campground?

Representatives from the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) of Canada and the Canadian Camping and RV Council (CCRVC) visit Parliament Hill annually to educate the Federal Government on the issues and challenges that affect the Rv and Campground Industry in Canada.

CCRVC conducts an annual survey in order to get your input on those issues to be addressed during our Parliament Hill Day.

How can my campground take advantage of Go RVing Canada's marketing expertise?

The Canadian Camping and RV Council works closely with Go RVing Canada on exclusive programs and benefits that help CCRVC Campgrounds increase their business activity.

How can I enroll in CCRVC's Buying Group and other Benefits that are available to my campground?

Please contact our office and we will forward the appropriate sign-up forms. Contact CCRVC