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Vickery Electric

Our Story

Vickery Electric manufactures electrical power pedestals for Campgrounds – Recreational Vehicle Parks – Marinas – Car parks.

The pedestals can be temperature controlled – Kilowatt hour metering with WiFi access and automatic end user Billing.

They said “You’re as Dumb as a Post.” NOT ANY MORE!

Vickery Electric’s Smart Posts have:

Detailed End User Billing.

Kilowatt hour metering with WiFi capability for Real Time Monitoring. The post will send a detailed Monthly Billing to the Customer / End User and the Recreational Park. It can also accommodate any Solar generation being supplied to the grid by the end user to help reduce Hydro Costs overall.

Thermostatic Control:

Thermostatic operation: Our posts can offer a thermostat that will monitor the temperature and “NOT” operate until the outside temperature is lower than programmed parameters. So, if the end user wants to maintain certain items such as Block Heaters, Battery Blankets etc. the thermostat won’t operate the receptacle unless required.

Vickery Electric offers many more options and a large variety of Power Pedestals including Service Entrance.
Vickery Electric
601 Victoria St E Whitby, ON L1N 9Z6
(905) 260-3934