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Comac Sani-Division

Our Story

Comac Corporation Inc. was founded in 1984 by Brian O’Connor with one purpose in mind, to capture and dominate the Global hand dryer market. With approximately 65% market control to date, it is succeeding.

There is no secret to our success: great products, great quality, great service, and great people. These were the foundations for our success with our first brand Nova hand dryers from 1984 to 1999.

In 1992, Comac launched on the market the first smallest compact vandal-proof high power hand dryer, the Blast, and start the era of fast drying (9 seconds) machines, always copied but never equaled since then. It’s the only dryer with universal voltage.

1998 is the year of the Comac ONE, the first vandal-proof handicap compliant, modular quiet (under 55db) hand dryer.

In 2014 Comac Corporation launched the first intelligent connected hand dryer: the I-Blast, a super-intelligent Blast

In 2016 after 2 years of intense research and development, Comac innovates once again: the creation of the first intelligent hand dryer that is also a bathroom digital advertising platform, it’s a fully connected and 5-inch screen integrated hand dryer remotely managed.

In 2017 Comac launched the new and improved ONE dryer with 55 DB and ADA compliance. The redesign of the ONE has given the end-user the unique feature of having the quietest dryer in the industry with a variable thermostat capability and customizable LED lighting.

Comac covers the Global market with a professional representative in every province and a nationwide network of electrical, janitorial, architectural, hospitality, and industrial distributors. Better-than-competitive pricing, aggressive freight policies, industry-leading warranties and quality, and a stellar reputation with our customers, make Comac the leader in our industry and a leader in the international community.

COMAC SANI-DIVISION offers an extension of unique products and solutions for today’s disinfecting and sanitizing needs- such as hand dispensers, room misting disinfection systems, and more!
Comac Sani-Division