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ZEVIP Grant Program Enables Campgrounds to Install EV Charging Stations

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The Canadian Outdoor Hospitality Conference & Expo 2023 recently hosted a session on EV chargers and the ZERO Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP), which provides federal grant funding for campground operators to install EV charging infrastructure in their parks.

Session speaker Alan Czechowski, business development manager of FLO, covered the logistics of EV charging stations and introduced ZEVIP. The grant program, a Natural Resources Canada initiative, provides up to 50% of total project costs and $5 million total per project to qualifying campground operators.

FLO, a North American company with over 13 years of experience in providing EV charging solutions, helps campground operators take advantage of the ZEVIP grant program. 

The session showed that the installation of EV charging infrastructure could help campground operators attract new clientele and retain existing customers. It can also provide a competitive edge for campgrounds and RV parks by reducing range anxiety and making travel more convenient for EV drivers. 

Furthermore, the installation of EV charging infrastructure can position campgrounds and RV parks as environmentally friendly and responsible businesses, appealing to customers who value sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint.

Czechowski said ZEVIP has $680 million in funds to subsidize EV charging infrastructure nationwide, and its timeline for applications starts in spring 2023. 

By providing EV charging infrastructure, campground operators can benefit from the growing EV market and generate additional revenue streams. Over time, the installation of EV charging infrastructure can become a valuable asset for the business and provide an ongoing source of revenue.

According to the Electric Vehicle Association of Canada, the country’s EV market has grown by 68% year-over-year since 2014, with more than 82,000 EVs on Canadian roads in 2020. With this growth, the demand for EV charging infrastructure is expected to increase, making the installation of charging stations a smart investment for campground operators.

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