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Yukon Territorial Park Increases 2022 Camping Fees, First Raise in 20 Years

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Yukon (Canada) is increasing the price of camping fees across the territory in 2022, its first price hike in two decades.

According to a report, Environment Minister Nils Clarke stated that the new fee would aid the sustainability and maintenance of campgrounds and parks.

A night of camping will increase from CA$12 to CA$20. However, the price will be lower by CA$2 per night if you pay in advance using a new system online.

Annual Yukon residents’ camping permits will increase from CA$50 to CA$100 before increasing to CA$200 by 2023.

In an announcement, the government said that the fees for firewood would be included.

Fees cover only around ten percent of service costs at Yukon campgrounds. However, the government estimates that the added charges will offset 20 percent of park costs.

Clarke added that Yukon would continue to be the most affordable camping in the country despite the price hike.

“These new fees will help support the expansion of our park network in the future, build a financially sustainable park system, and properly maintain parks for Yukoners now and for generations to come,” Clarke ended.

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