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WorkSafe BC Releases Preliminary Insurance Base Rates For 2023

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WorkSafe BC announced the preliminary base rates for 2023 last July 14.

go2HR compiled a list of tourism and hospitality industry classification units and their corresponding preliminary base rates for 2023, along with the anticipated increase or decrease, compared to 2022.

Campground businesses with classification unit (CU) 761009 got a preliminary rate of $1.31 for 2023. It is a 12% decrease compared to this year’s $1.42 rate. The max wage per worker has increased to $112,800 for 2023. Last year’s max wage was $108,400 per worker.

WorkSafe BC classified campgrounds or RV parks as an operation that includes registration of visitors, collection of camping fees, and overall maintenance of the grounds and facilities. Firms may operate on behalf of clients such as municipalities, the provincial government, or private park owners.

Campgrounds may engage in additional activities that support their business undertaking, which include finance and administrative support. Supporting activities may also involve a laundromat, selling of firewood, camping supplies, food, and shower facilities.

Overnight and short-term accommodation businesses with CU 761056 have a $1.34 preliminary rate for next year. The rate is a 14% decrease compared to the previous $1.55 rate for this year. The max wage for 2023 is $112,800 while the 2022 max wage for this classification is  $108,400 per worker.

The group described these businesses as operations that provide various overnight and short-term accommodations, such as a bed & breakfast, cabins, cottages, a lodging house, a private lodging house, and other accommodations.

It may have supporting activities such as banquets, leisure activities, maintaining existing structures, room service, laundry, lounge facilities, and recreational activities.

Park, campground, or trail maintenance business types with CU 761049 will have a $2 preliminary rate for 2023, giving workers a max wage of $112,800. It is a 13% increase compared to this year’s rate of $1.77 or $108,400 max wage per worker.

This business type provides routine maintenance of parks, campgrounds, or trails on behalf of clients such as municipalities, the provincial government, or private park owners.

It gives specific campground maintenance like maintaining rest area facilities, picnic ground maintenance, grooming trails, park maintenance, and trail maintenance.

For more details about 2023 preliminary rates for each CU, visit https://www.worksafebc.com/en/insurance/know-coverage-costs/find-classification-industry-rate.

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