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Williams Lake Stampede Association Proposes Plans For Campground Expansion

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British Columbia’s Williams Lake Stampede Association (WLSA) continues to explore an expansion plan for its campground, a report said. Its ground can be found in the old fastball field behind the city’s curling rink.

“We are in the very, very early stages of looking at a proposal of putting in 25 to 28-unit campground,” the association’s president Court Smith told the Tribune.

“I want to emphasize very early stages. One of our sponsors, TRUE Consulting, provided us with some drawings, and it allows us now to look an idea of costs and various other things.”

Smith stated that they would need to apply for funds.

During October 26’s committee hearing,  Smith presented some plans for the campground.

He also presented a plan for the old infield ball diamond, which was recently used for dog agility classes.

“We are looking at other potential sources for revenue, and that could be an event venue,” Smith said, noting it could include a large gazebo and a bandstand, but nothing has been finalized. “It was used by the kennel club, but they have since moved to a different location, and we now have the opportunity to put forth a development idea.”

The council was informed and decided to write a letter of support for the proposed Stampede Park improvements and will be considered at the next council meeting on November 2.

In September, the WLSA had its general meeting where Smith stated that six directors were added to the board.

“Three former directors—Tim Rolph, Al Smith, and Katie Stelfox—are no longer on the board and stepped aside,” Smith said.

Smith was re-elected president for a one-year term.

He said that the WLSA has appointed a general manager. The name will be announced within the next couple of weeks.

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