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Whitehorse City Council to Decide on New Campground Building

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The City of Whitehorse (Yukon, Canada) may pay an additional CA$750,000 for a new building for the Robert Service Campground, as bids for the project have exceeded the CA$3.12-million budget.

As per a report, at the Whitehorse city council’s meeting on April 19, Peter O’Blenes, the city’s manager of property management, presented a suggestion that another CA$750,000 be added to the project for the campground. The additional funds will be sourced from the city reserves.

As O’Blenes said in his council report, the facility was designed to replace the campground’s former office and to enhance recreation opportunities for the community.

“The new building would extend the usage of that property into multiple seasons and create additional space for more recreational programming either direct (i.e., city day camps) or indirectly,” O’Blenes said.

If the council votes in favor of the additional spending, the city will be funding CA$1.05 million for the current CA$3.85 million project.

Council will decide on April 25 whether or not to proceed with the extra funding needed for the construction of the new building.

This story originally appeared on Yukon News.

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