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Wet Spring Prompts Cancelation of Manitoba Campsite Reservations

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The flooding and consistent Colorado lows that have rocked the province of Manitoba (Canada) have spoiled the plans of thousands of Manitobans looking forward to a camping getaway.

According to a report, a spokesperson for the province said that an estimated 3,000 reservations were affected by campground closures this spring.

“Over 25 provincial parks have been impacted this spring by flooding or wet conditions because of the late spring arrival and consistent Colorado lows affecting the province over the last few months,” the spokesperson said. 

They said camping depends on the weather, especially in Manitoba, a province prone to major weather events.

“While this year it is from wet conditions, the last few years there have been site closures and cancellations due to wildfires. The province has also had group site closures in the last two years from the pandemic.”

The province announced that for those affected by the closures this year, some reservations had been refunded, and others had been relocated to a different area.

While some campsites remain closed, the province said there are plenty of camping spots in Manitoba.

“If a favorite campsite is affected by a closure, the Parks Reservation Service can help move the reservation to a different campground,” the spokesperson said.

This story originally appeared on CTV News.

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