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Survey Shows Increasing Gas Prices to Impact Canadians’ Summer Road Trips

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The increasing price of gasoline is showing no signs of slowing down, and it’s beginning to affect the way Canadians plan their summer trips.

According to a report, a summer road trip survey by the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC) discovered that 66% of drivers plan to limit or cancel their road trips this summer. That number rises to 75% for younger drivers ages 18 to 24.

“Our survey found that 80% think that high fuel prices are here to stay. So why not look for ways to save money if you can?” said TRAC President Carol Hochu.

TRAC reminded drivers to monitor their tire pressure monthly when tires are cold as under-inflated tires hurt your fuel economy, and properly inflated tires can save you 0.6% to 3% in fuel costs.

TRAC advises that aside from checking the tire pressure, drivers must also check the tread wear and bulges or cracks in their tires.

To save money on fuel, remove roof racks or rooftop carriers if they are not being used, drive the speed limit and accelerate smoothly to avoid wasting fuel.

Meanwhile, Credit Canada Education Manager Adriana Molina advised anyone planning to go on vacation in Ontario this year to take advantage of the Staycation Tax Credit, which allows Ontarians to receive a tax exemption when they stay in a hotel, motel, resort, lodge, bed & breakfast, cottage or campground.

“Hopefully, it will encourage Ontario families to stay in the province to stay in Ontario and also help the tourism and hospitality sector recover from the pandemic,” Molina said.

There are some predictions that the price of gas will increase by five cents per liter this week and five cents more the following week. Although more drivers say they’ll be staying at home, the cost is typically more expensive in summer as drivers hit the road to enjoy their summer vacation.

This story originally appeared on CTV News

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