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Summerhill Resorts Takes Over Former Wilderness Tours Property

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Summerhill Resorts is taking over and redeveloping a 328-acre trailer and campground in the Whitewater Region.

The land is accessible by Rafting Road and also includes properties previously used by Wilderness Tours.

Summerhill Resorts plans to use trailer sites that are already in use as well as chalets, cottages, and other commercial tourist buildings and structures to create the construction of a campground and trailer park in the spring of 2022

The property located at 503 Rafting Road has 62 existing trailer sites, six chalets, two cottages/beach homes, the current construction for rafting, recreation facilities, and an outdoor pavilion.

The first phase will include RV sites linked to existing water, wastewater, and hydro systems in operation.

Assessments of wastewater and water quality have been completed to prove sufficient potable water and wastewater disposal.

A report presented to the council says that since no subsurface site works are proposed, and the first phase is merely to re-establish or convert former recreational vehicle and cottage site, it is anticipated that this phase will have no greater impact on the natural heritage than the previous use.

Economic Planning and Development Officer with The Township of Whitewater Region Ivan Burton told council members that Summerhill Resort also recently purchased Logos Land and operated a number of parks throughout Ontario.

Council approved the site plan control application as part of the November 17th municipal meeting.

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