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Students Create A Camper Van With A Waiting List To Order

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Concordia University students have built a camper van they had envisioned for their canceled trip to California, now there’s a long line of people who want to purchase the new Nav Camper.

The initial concept was too small, according to a report. This is why they pooled their funds and purchased a car and then learned to make it work.

The group has brought in Concordia engineers to aid in the design. They believe that the van‘s interior electrical system is able to run with solar power.

“The heating system, for example, is through gasoline or diesel-powered by the gasoline or diesel fuel tank itself,” stated president Jeremy Maltais.

This, however, can be done without the motor.

The interior is custom-designed and features a table that can be used to create a double bed, a shower, as well as a kitchen top.

The majority of their customers are outdoor lovers, and storage is essential.

The company is completely booked with orders through July. It will take around three months to finish each van.

The cost of a completely fitted camper van will be around $160,000, however, the manufacturers claim that it is not a seasonal RV, but rather one that is able to be used during winter.

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