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St. Lawrence Parks Commission Improves Morrisburg Campground

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The St. Lawrence Parks Commission (SLPC) has started modernizing the largest of its campground facilities called Riverside-Cedar, according to a report.

The commission states that the park is in dire need of substantial enhancements.

It is located on Ontario’s County Road 2, halfway between Morrisburg and Upper Canada Village. 

SLPC Spokesperson Heather Kearney said some information isn’t available due to the ongoing tender process. The bidding for the engineering and design is scheduled to end on December 8.

Kearney explained that most SLPC facilities date back to the 1950s and 1960s and “are operating with their original infrastructure which is beyond its useful life, and is in need of replacement.”

Although the beaches and campgrounds are maintained, the spokesperson said that the facilities require major infrastructure upgrades. The bid package, obtained through Ontario’s procurement website, outlines a number of the infrastructure upgrades needed, including electrical systems, wastewater and water systems, park amenities, shoreline restoration, and the layout of the 301-site campground.

As per the SLPC, two of Riverside-Cedar’s four septic systems have failed and need regular pump-outs of the restrooms. Three washroom buildings and one shower building are old and require replacement, while the electric system used to service campsites is insufficient for RV and camping users.

“The sites barely draw ten amps and no longer service the basic needs of the customers resulting in tripped breakers and disgruntled customers,” the SLPC said in the bid documents.

The SLPC is currently looking to connect the campground with the municipal sewer and water systems managed by the Municipality of South Dundas. If the connection is accepted, it would require water services extended about four kilometers east of the Evonik Oil Additives plant. A further extension of more than five kilometers is required to provide sewer services.

South Dundas CAO Shannon Geraghty confirmed that “very preliminary” talks have been held between the city and SLPC.

According to the bid documents, the new design for the Riverside-Cedar campground will be completed by the end of September next year. The SLPC did not disclose any timeline for construction or any budget amount.

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