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Snowbirds Flock To Southern Alberta Campgrounds Ahead Of Border Reopening

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After lockdowns and extensive border restrictions, Canadian snowbirds are set to reconnect with relatives and friends south of the border, a report said. Border crossings between Canada and the United States will be reopened to fully-vaccinated Canadians on November 8.

There are already thousands of people making a stop at Eight Flags Campground in Milk River to be as close as possible to Coutts border crossing in anticipation of what is bound to be a scramble to get into the U.S.

“It was quiet a couple weeks ago,” said Helen Runka, campground operator at Eight Flags.

“Every five or ten minutes, I was getting phone calls to book a spot. It started at 8:30 a.m., and my last phone call came that night at 6:30 p.m.”

“I have people from Saskatchewan here. I also have people from Ontario here, one from Calgary and all over.”

The campground will see a frenzy next weekend since many people will be staying in temporary parking spaces to keep up with the demand.

“The lineup is going to be really bad at the border. I have at least 80 people leaving from this campground.”

With the temperature dropping, those who have made escaping the Canadian winters a custom are gearing up.

Their RVs aren’t used to the icy conditions, but it will all melt away when snowbirds return to the road to visit the U.S. instead of Canada’s west coast, where many came during last year’s winter to endure the pandemic.

​In the middle of October, as American officials declared the date for reopening the border, the campgrounds in southern Alberta noticed an immediate surge in business.

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