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Service Canada to Assist in Employment Insurance for those Affected by Hurricane Fiona

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Atlantic Canada and Eastern Quebec were hit hard by hurricane Fiona, and the government understands how vital Canada’s social safety net is for affected Canadians.

“As communities in Atlantic Canada and Eastern Quebec work to rebuild in the wake of Hurricane Fiona, many will need to access key government services. Service Canada stands ready to assist those in need. Our thoughts remain with all Canadians dealing with the devastating impacts of this storm,” said Karina Gould, Minister of Families, Children, and Social Development.

As per a release, Service Canada is standing by to assist the needy, including via services offered through the Employment Insurance (EI) program.

People who are unable to work following the storm should seek EI benefits as soon as possible regardless of whether the employer hasn’t yet issued a record of employment (ROE).

Although an ROE is required to process the EI claim, Service Canada has a process to determine EI claims that do not require an ROE submitted by the employer.

After employers have issued ROE and the claim is accepted, it is revised based on the received information.

In processing the EI application, Service Canada asks for the applicant’s Social Insurance Number (SIN), mailing, and residential address. 

Applicants should provide a mailing address where they can receive mail (this could be the address of a friend, family member, or temporary shelter, and it can be updated later if required) and their usual residential address, even if they are temporarily living somewhere else.

The release states that once eligibility for EI has been established, applicants need to complete and submit their reports online or via phone every two weeks to receive EI benefits.

Applicants should not declare on their EI reports if they receive money from an insurance company because of flooding, wildfires, or relief funds from the government, the Red Cross, or another charitable organization.

To receive payments without postal delays, applicants are encouraged to sign up for a direct deposit.

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