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Saskatoon RVers Not Deterred by Increasing Gas Prices

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There’s no stopping RVers across Saskatoon (Saskatchewan, Canada) from traveling and enjoying the great outdoors, not even increasing gas prices.

According to a report, as Saskatoon gas prices climb, it is becoming more expensive for those who plan long journeys this summer.

For Glen and Jean Lee from Innisfil, Ontario, there was no second-guessing about their decision to travel to Cranbrook, British Columbia.

“Just got to pay more money, I guess, is the answer. There is no fix,” Glen Lee said. “We’ve been traveling many miles for a long time, and we enjoy it.”

The couple owns a fifth-wheel trailer and has stopped in Saskatoon to visit family. Filling up their Ford F-350 diesel truck hauling their RV usually costs about CA$85. Now, it’s almost CA$200.

“It’s really awful, but as I say, we don’t really have a choice,” he said.

The couple has been somewhat forced to make the trip because they’re moving into their new home in Cranbrook. But even if they weren’t, Lee said they would still be RVing this summer despite the high gas prices. 

“Likely still go ahead and do it,” he said. “We like being in the trailer, and it’s just part of what we do.”

Canada West RV sales manager  Steve Green says he noticed some customers’ hesitancy due to the high price of gas. However, Green noted their sales remain steady.

“It hasn’t been ‘No, we’re not going to buy a trailer because of it,’” said Green.

It used to cost some motorhomes about CA$135 to fill up. Now, they can cost up to CA$270, according to Green.

“People are going, ‘It’s going to cost me a lot more money to pull my trailer this year,’” he said.

The dealership typically has around 100 RVs; however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s down to roughly 40, caused by manufacturing shutdowns and the vaccine mandate not allowing truckers to transport vehicles across the border.

This story originally appeared on CTV.

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