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RVs Parked On B.C. City Roads To Undergo Safety Inspections

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More than a dozen RVs are parked in front of Vernon City’s 25th Avenue businesses on any day, a report said.

It’s a typical event taking place for some time now, as more and more people choose to live in recreational vehicles.

The stretch of road known as the Okanagan Landing has the most significant number of RVs. However, there are different areas in town that are frequented by these vehicles.

Certain homeowners and businesses are getting tired of being blocked by the RVs. Semi-truck drivers, employees, and customers are in a race with the RVs to get free parking spots.

Vernon’s bylaw compliance department reached out to RCMP about potential safety inspections for the RVs to ensure they are mechanically safe to use on public roads.

“The RCMP indicated that the request could be accommodated in mid-October and would also include the attendance and expertise of Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE),” city staff said in a report to the council.

Coun. Brian Quiring is putting forward an agenda item at the October 12 meeting, requesting amendments to the bylaws to restrict recreational vehicles from establishing and using jacks and slides on public roads.

Quiring stated that, while many vehicles are moved in 48 hours as per bylaw, he’s concerned about the condition of many vehicles that he sees don’t appear to be “roadworthy,” and recommended that some kind of inspection procedure be done be implemented.

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