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RV Helps Deliver Vaccine In Saskatchewan

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The shift in vaccine delivery from mass clinics and drive-thrus has led to tremendous success for the Saskatoon vaccination team in their mobile clinics.

An RV is a recent addition to the strategy, which has allowed the team to explore new areas. Accordingly to a report, the RV has been affectionately called the “Vaxmobile.”

Sheila Morgan, COVID immunization campaign team leader, stated, “With the Vaxmobile, we can park at some strategic places.”

“We mix the vaccine inside so that it can be kept at a constant temperature. Then we go outside and vaccinate under an awning,” she added.

Because the RV is being used for something different than its usual purpose, it has attracted some attention.

Morgan said that an 11-year-old boy came over to ask if they were the vaccine camp.

​ “That was their perception with the RV. And then they were able to get their first dose.”

The RV visited approximately 30 locations during August and administered vaccines to around 2,145 people.

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