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Reid’s Lake Campground’s Last Minute Price Hike Surprises Campers

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Campers at Reid’s Lake Campground in Renfrew (Ontario, Canada) are likely to see an increase, but not nearly as much as they had been informed just days before the start of camping season.

As per a report, a customer of the private campgrounds took to social media last week to say that they had already paid the agreed rate in full for the 2022 season at the end of last year. However, the campground owners issued an additional invoice to their customers just a few days until the season’s opening.

According to the post, the latest invoice has nearly doubled the previously agreed rate, going from CA$3,400 to CA$6,200. Inflation and the planned upgrades to the campground facilities were the main reasons for the price increase.

Harmony Resorts, owners of Reid’s Lake Campground, sent out an apology letter on Friday to the customers for their excessive new rates and poor timing in executing the increase.

This year, there will be an increase in rates to offset inflation, but now campground users will only pay an additional CA$500.

The letter also mentioned that Harmony Resorts are now looking to rebuild its relationship with customers.

This story originally appeared on Renfrew Today. Featured image from Harmony Resorts – Reid Lake.

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