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Quebec Town Says Tourists Need To Pay Their Dues

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Half a million people visit Perce in Quebec every year to go whale watching in Forillon National Park, swim in Riviere-aux-Emeraudes, or soak in the saltwater spray from the beach and boardwalk.

Jean-Francois Kacou, town manager, says the city spends a lot to maintain its infrastructure and tourist offerings while developing new attractions. Instead of taxing residents further, the municipality decided to pass some of those costs on to visitors, a report said.

Local merchants will enforce the new regulation, which will be approved by council members on Sept. 28 and will go into effect in May 2022. Non-residents will pay $1 for every $10 spent at tourist attractions and restaurants and $1 for each night in hotels.

The fees will not apply to federally or provincially controlled items, such as tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and gas. Kacou states Perce expects to generate an additional $1.5million in revenue each year.

“We’re charging visitors because we have a tremendous amount of infrastructure…maintenance costs and operating expenses.”

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