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Popular N.B. Hiking Trail Closed Momentarily After Air Rescue Topples Trees

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After a helicopter was dispatched to rescue a hiker on Sunday, several trees were damaged and a section of the hiking trail was closed, a report said.

Chief of Sussex Fire Bill Wanamaker stated that his department was called by a hiker who had broken her ankle in Walton Glen Gorge. It is located halfway between St. Martins, Alma, and St. Martins.

Wanamaker stated that the crew arrived to find the 20-year old hiker, who was unable to walk on the Eye of the Needle trail.

“It was quickly determined that the hiker couldn’t walk up. He said that it was almost impossible to transport them up because of the terrain.”

Wanamaker stated that crews requested an air rescue from Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre. Later that evening, a Cormorant helicopter took the hiker off the trail, dropping her off at the parking lot.

Although the rescue was successful, the helicopter’s rotors created a downward draft and several trees were uprooted along the trail, said James Donald, president of the board for Fundy Trail Development Authority.

Donald stated that anyone planning to hike the trail after it reopens must do their research and wear appropriate shoes.

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