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Pathfinder Ventures Pledges to Support Electric RVs at all Pathfinder Camp Resorts

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In a press release, Pathfinder Ventures Inc. announced its commitment to support the ever-evolving RV industry and its future customers with electric RVs.

Just recently, Winnebago Industries unveiled the e-RV, an electronic camper van, while Thor Industries shared its eStream concept.

“It’s clear that electric vehicles are the way forward, and RVs are no exception,” Pathfinder Ventures Founder & CEO Joseph Bleackley said in a release. “Pathfinder Ventures is pledging to support electric RVs with charging stations and the required electrical infrastructure at each of our parks as they come available. We are building our Pathfinder Camp Resorts to support the customers of today and for the next 50 years.”

Winnebago’s Electric Camper Van Concept

The RV maker’s plans for electric RVs feature a camper van equipped with a full kitchen, bed, and bathroom. The estimated mileage for the 86-kilowatt-hour battery is 125 miles or 201 kilometers. Production plans and pricing are yet to be announced.

Thor Industries’ eStream Concept

Thor Industries last week announced its concept eStream—the electric version of the popular Airstream trailer. This electric camper concept includes 80 kilowatt-hours of battery life, providing additional towing support and remote maneuverability.  Production plans and pricing are yet to be announced.

About Pathfinder Ventures

Pathfinder Ventures Inc. is developing a network of premier branded, upscale, and family-friendly RV parks and campgrounds under the “Pathfinder Camp Resorts” name.  Pathfinder currently has three camp resorts located in B.C. and is growing its network through acquisitions and new construction.  The corporation is taking advantage of the rapidly growing market of Canadians who want to experience the great outdoors in an RV.

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