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Parks of the St. Lawrence to Open Campground Reservation System This Week

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As winter draws to an end, and with camping season just around the corner, Parks of the St. Lawrence (Ontario, Canada) is opening campground reservations on March 23.

As per a report, the reservations will open using a new registration process that allows guests to sign up for accounts and familiarize themselves with the reservation system before booking.

“I think people will find it [the new reservation system] very user friendly, but certainly time will tell,” said M.J. (Mike) Pratt, assistant parks operations manager for parks west.

The Parks of the St. Lawrence operates ten campgrounds and several day-use areas, including Ivy Lea Campground, Brown’s Bay Campground, and Beach, as well as campgrounds located along the St. Lawrence River.

Through the Parks of the St. Lawrence’s website, guests will have to create an account to start the process and get acquainted with the system prior to reservations opening at the end of the month.

According to parks officials, there will be self-serve education tools that will assist in the procedure.

Returning guests who’ve been camping in Parks of the St. Lawrence before will also be required to create an updated profile.

Reservations are scheduled to open on March 23 for all campgrounds. According to park officials, the self-serve booking system will speed up the booking process, noting that the increased demand for campsites is expected, and the number of call-ins will be higher than usual.

Pratt stated that he anticipates an increase in guest numbers this year as COVID-19 restrictions ease and as more people start to travel again.

“Fingers crossed, we’re quite hopeful that the numbers will be up again,” Pratt said.

The Parks of the St. Lawrence campgrounds open on May 20, and camping at various campgrounds are available until mid-October.

This story originally appeared on Toronto Star. Featured image from Parks of the St. Lawrence.

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