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Parks Canada Receives CA$557 Million Funding For Infrastructure

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The protected areas network managed by Parks Canada is a gateway to the natural world, its history, and 450 000 square kilometers of memory stretching from coast to coast.

Investing in these areas will help improve the health of both the built and natural heritage of the area, improve climate resilience, and generate jobs in local communities. It also provides tourists with safe, high-quality and enjoyable experiences across the nation, as per the news release.

Last Monday, Diane Lebouthillier, the minister of National Revenue and Member of Parliament for Gaspesie–Les Iles-de-la-Madeleine, reconfirmed the Government of Canada’s commitment to Parks Canada’s assets and the critical function they give to Canadians and visitors by providing CA$557 million over three years to ensure the continuation of infrastructure projects and critical maintenance work.

“Investments built in heritage give the past a future. The Government of Canada is investing in the Grande-Grave heritage sector to ensure the architectural value and historic association to the origins of this region continue to be shared. Grande-Grave’s authentic houses and buildings are the last standing reminders of the bustling fishing villages once common along the Gaspé coastline and provide opportunity to commemorate the expropriated families living in the area at the time of Forillon National Park’s creation,” said Lebouthillier.

“This exciting project will ensure visitors learn more about the full scope of the site’s history, including the difficult periods that are part of the past, while offering a valuable addition to the region’s tourism offer.”

The announcement took place in the vicinity of Forillon National Park and highlighted the CA$9.8 million plan to restore and re-open the homes of the heritage of the Grande-Grave family that was expropriated, an iconic section within the park’s national.

This Government has committed itself to a continuous investment in revitalizing federal infrastructure assets to every one of Canadians. Parks Canada’s capability to fulfill its mission of conserving and the presentation of national historical sites, national parks as well as national marine conservancies across Canada is based on the assets it has.

Beyond supporting tourists, they serve vital roles in water management, transportation, public safety, and other services to businesses and residents and are a source for collective satisfaction for Canadians.

Additionally, Parks Canada administered places are the foundation of the tourism industry and play an crucial roles within local economy, generating billions of dollars of economic benefits each year.

“For years, the Association of Persons Expropriated from Forillon and their Descendants has been working hard so that the Government of Canada recognizes and contributes to efforts to honor the memory of the expropriated people represented by the Association. The houses and other buildings which belonged to the expropriated people are among the last witnesses to the history of the community living in Grande-Grave when Forillon National Park was established,” said Hermeline Smith, treasurer of the Association of Persons Expropriated from Forillon and their Descendants

“For us, it was increasingly difficult to see these beautiful houses unused. They had been, at the time, the anchor point of families for decades. Today’s announcement was long-awaited and constitutes great news, and provides comfort to the people expropriated. We are ready to pursue our collaborative work with the team of Forillon National Park to bring this project to fruition and ensure that our voice continues to be heard and respected.”

In relation to the investment being planned for the Grande-Grave sector They are an important recognition of Forillon’s expropriated families and their descendants, as well as an important first step towards the revival of a sector that will highlight Gaspe’s Gaspe community and help in the growth of tourism within the region.

With this federal investment, Parks Canada will focus on capital projects with high priority as well as complete essential maintenance and maintain its high-quality asset workforce in order to keep making improvements to the quality of its portfolio of assets across every region of the country.

Parks Canada approaches infrastructure projects with a view to support larger national priorities, like taking into account Indigenous views, limiting the effects of climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and cutting down on the environmental footprint while addressing sustainability. making sure that modern, efficient accessible as well as inclusive amenities that benefit everyone Canadians.

The long-awaited announcement regarding the area of Grande-Grave will see the rehabilitation of several historic buildings as well as the celebration of families that were expropriated from their homes and the development of a distinct accommodation option for those visiting this part of national parks.

In partnership together with the Organization of People expropriated of Forillon and their descendants, this offer is designed to provide visitors with a memorable experience who will have the chance to learn more about the history of hardships endured by families that were expropriated living in the region at the moment of the park’s inception.

Apart from providing tourists and economic benefits, this offer is an opportunity to tell the story of the location’s rich history, share the story of the Grande-Grave family and the positive influence these families made on the nation, and offer unique experiences within Gaspe. Gaspe region.

Information about different infrastructure initiatives across the United States that will receive federal funding will be available in the coming weeks and months.

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