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Parked RVs In Vernon Inspected

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In response to a request by Council, RCMP and bylaw staff examined a variety of recreational vehicles parked on Vernon‘s (British Columbia) 25th Avenue, a report said.

They examined 19 vehicles on October 18, which included eight RVs.

Concerns have been raised with the council about the people who live in vehicles.

RCMP spoke directly with RV owners and conducted a cursory walk-around safety inspection of each recreational vehicle to ensure compliance with the Motor Vehicle Act and regulations,” a report to council states.

All vehicles were insured, and there were no vehicle defects found, the report said.

The owners of the RVs were also informed of the applicable traffic laws of the city.

Some have said they are working towards securing an alternative place to stay.

Bylaw enforcement personnel will continue to keep an eye on areas as complaints arise.

At their October 12 meeting, the council advised the administration to modify the city’s traffic law to ban recreational vehicles from setting up (deploying slides and Jacks) on city streets.

The amendments will be discussed at the November council meeting.

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