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Overland Flooding in Manitoba Delays Seasonal Campground Opening

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The ongoing flooding in Manitoba (Canada) and the late start of spring prompted a heads up from the province to campers and park-goers.

As per a report, officials advise to check ahead of time before heading to provincial parks and plan accordingly.

The province said that some parks suffer from overland flooding, and some roads and trails are closed.

The late start of spring has forced some campgrounds to postpone opening dates.

The province announced that reservation holders and seasonal campers would be informed if their campsite is affected by a closure.

Visitors are also asked to report any significant trail flooding or maintenance issues to the local park district office.

A list of campground closures and service reductions can be found on the Manitoba Parks website.

According to its website, services may also be limited or reduced in some areas, such as drinking water and washroom closures, due to late spring conditions preventing water lines from operating. 

An update on closure locations will be posted on the Manitoba Parks website, Tuesday, May 10. 

For more information, visit https://www.gov.mb.ca/sd/parks/.

This story originally appeared on CTV News.

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