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Ontario RV Dump Station Stays Open After Petition

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An RV dumping facility at Churchill Park in Cambridge, Ontario, is staying open after a petition by an RV owner and a decision at Cambridge city council’s meeting on Tuesday night, a report said.

More than 400 have signed an online petition to keep the only free trailer dumping site in the region open, citing illegal dumping and environmental issues.

“We have all seen Christmas Vacation when Cousin Eddie is dumping his sewage down the storm sewer, and that’s what I really didn’t want to see,” said Shane Russell, an avid camper and RV owner who started the petition.

The council unanimously voted to keep the station operational in the meantime while they wait for a report that will look into alternatives.

The city’s wastewater manager explained that the site was first constructed in the 1970s to serve the campground, but when the campground shut down in 2015, it remained open to those who own RVs for free.

“There are five paid dumping stations available within Waterloo Region for RV owners. Given the updates required to convert this service as a pay-per-use station, the recommendation is being made to either close it permanently or keep it open seasonally as a pay-per-use station,” the manager of wastewater said in a statement.

Russell has expressed concern that RV owners could illegally dump into storm drains, creating environmental issues.

“We have been using this for the past 45 years, and the service is paid for by our water rates. A third of our bill is for wastewater,” he said. “Just like a lot of other municipalities in Ontario, if you look along the 401 east of Toronto, there are about four or five free dumping stations.”

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