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Ontario Parks Seeks Innovative Outdoor Rec Experience Ideas

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Ontario Parks (Canada) is looking for ways to enhance recreation opportunities for visitors to enjoy at parks while also helping local businesses, jobs, and the park system in Ontario.

As per a report, Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks David Piccini revealed this in an online request for information press release dated February 15.

Ontario Parks is inviting businesses and non-profit organizations, community groups, and entrepreneurs to present their ideas to get funding for their project and see it put into action in an adjacent park.

Interested parties are invited to apply through the Ontario tenders’ portal by March 4 at 11 a.m.

Minister Piccini’s RFI online press release sought creative ideas from private, public, and Indigenous organizations, businesses, non-profits, community groups, entrepreneurs, and other organizations to develop exciting new recreation experiences in Ontario Parks.

It suggested that persons and organizations could establish their business or provide services at the parks to earn revenue to support the use of the parks and management. The release indicated that the ideas with the most significant potential could receive seed funds through future procurement.

“The proposed activities and services should bring new visitors, particularly in non-peak seasons and in parks that have the capacity to accept more visitors to avoid overcrowding. Proposals must also be consistent with applicable provincial legislation and individual park management plans, which specify what activities can take place within a provincial park while protecting the park’s ecology and environment,” Piccini said in the release.

Ontario Parks is the biggest outdoor recreation provider in Ontario, with more than 11 million visitors from across the globe who engage in various activities, including fishing, swimming, camping, boating, and more.

The parks comprise 8% of Ontario‘s total landmass at over 82,000 square kilometers. There are more than 300 Ontario Parks, with over 100 of them equipped with camping and facilities for visitors. They also boast over 19,000 car-accessible campsites and 8,000 backcountry/wilderness campsites.

Linsday Davidson of MECP said the program was announced as part of the Ontario 2021 budget to increase opportunities for people to visit Ontario Parks. He said that, so far, Ontario Parks has heard positive comments from several groups representing small businesses and businesses in the tourism industry.

Ontario Parks will not receive any vendor ideas until after the Request for Information process closes at 11 a.m. on March 4, 2022,” he said.

“We’re looking forward to building relationships with partners, including those from local communities, to bring exciting new ideas to Ontario Parks.”

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