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Ontario Municipality RV By-Law Repealed As Zoning By-Law Review Is Planned

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The RV by-law for Bonnechere Valley in Ontario has been repealed by the council while the municipality starts an examination of the township‘s zoning by-law, according to a report.

“We repealed it because now that OPA 31 (County of Renfrew Official Plan Amendment 31) has been ratified we will be redoing our entire zoning by-law,” explained Mayor Jennifer Murphy.

The council voted unanimously to remove the by-law last Tuesday night. One of the main reasons behind the appeal was that it nullifies the challenge currently being made by the Lake Clear Property Owners Association that the township was required to defend before the Ontario Land Tribunal. In the past, defending the by-law would be a costly undertaking for the township.

“Instead of spending time and money on fighting in the land tribunal, we rescinded the by-law,” the mayor explained.

It was a real possibility she had mentioned in April when the by-law was passed. She pointed out that the municipality will be looking into all zoning issues after the county’s plans were approved and that it was too early to tackle this particular issue. Mayor Murphy said she is not disappointed that the council approved the by-law, however it is important to understand that what is at stake is the whole zoning law.

A lot of sections are old and it is essential to review zoning issues, which encompasses issues with RVs, she said.

This implies that the confusion and uncertainty will remain for property owners who are in opposition and in favor of RVs in the vicinity of Lake Clear, as well as other properties within the township.

There’s a big difference between an RV which can be moved, as well as one with a landscape. Therefore, staff must take a look at every property, she said.

Presently, the township by-law stipulates that when there are more than four RVs on the property, it must be designated as a tourist commercial zone.

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