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Ontario Campground Flooded, Roads Reopen After Heavy Rain

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In the early hours of Thursday, Middlesex roads have reopened. However, the county states that even though all routes are in operation, some shoulders have been washed, a report said.

Ontario’s London City and surrounding regions were drenched following an intense rainstorm that swept across the region. Middlesex County declared a State of Emergency due to the widespread flooding throughout the county on Wednesday evening.

All roads local to Southwest Middlesex were closed to the public, and a significant weather event was declared according to the local authority.

County crews worked all day long to fix the damages.

At Shady Pines campsite close to Nairn, 30 overnight camps were taken over by the fast-moving and swollen Nairn Creek.

Seasonal campsites were dry. However, Shady Pines Director Kelly Mead said weekend overnight camping could be affected.

Warnings about flooding have been issued by various conservation agencies, including the Upper Thames Valley Conservation Authority (UTVCA). The UTVCA warned people to stay clear of the waterways during this time.

The UTVCA states that the rivers could remain dangerous and high for a few days despite the rains, noting that the Thames River reached boating ban levels.

Environment Canada ended its rainfall warning for the region on Thursday morning, but not until some bus routes were affected.

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