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NWT’s Campground Reservation System to Open Next Week

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Northwest Territories (Canada) campgrounds will begin accepting online reservations next week for the 2022 summer season.

According to a report, reservations are starting a bit earlier than usual, but this year’s park opening dates–May 13 for most parks–are consistent with what is anticipated. Parks within the Beaufort Delta and the Dehcho’s Blackstone park will open a bit later.

Some Yellowknife area parks will open for reservations first before bookings begin for the rest.

Prelude Lake park reservations start on April 5, Reid Lake on April 6, and Fred Henne on April 7.

Reservations for other parks open on April 8. 

Meanwhile, South Slave group campsite Escarpment Creek can now be booked online for the very first time.

In the previous years, campers wishing to reserve spots at Escarpment Creek–which has 12 powered campsites–could only do so via phone. 

This story originally appeared on Cabin Radio.

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