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“Noticeable Increase In Bear Activity” Reported Near British Columbia Campground

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In the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, a bear warning is in place, a report said.

Parks Canada released a statement on Aug. 25, indicating that there has been a noticeable increase in bear activity between Green Point Campground at Long Beach and the Incinerator Parking Lot at Long Beach.

The notice states that the bear/s are primarily interested in foraging on berries, but they also tend to wander along trails and driftwood, which exposes them to visitors. This warning is intended to reduce the likelihood of human-bear interactions and to protect both the bear/s as well as the visitors.

Visitors are reminded to keep their children close and their dogs leashed. Also, never leave food or attractants unattended.

The notice states that you should not approach wildlife or bears for photographs. “If you see a bear cub, always assume that the sow is nearby.”

If you encounter a bear, it is important not to run away but to give the animal plenty of space.

All encounters must be immediately reported to Parks Canada at 250-726-3404

Four bears were killed in July after they became habituated to Tofino and Ucluelet, Park Reserve’s neighboring communities’ unnatural food sources. Residents are asked to secure their garbage and other attractants to avoid further conflict.

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