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Muchalat Lake Closure Pushed Back Once More

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Campers will have another month to stay at British Columbia‘s Muchalat Lake recreation site since local authorities are working with the province to come up with ways to ensure that the site is open all year, a report said.

Located 23 minutes from the north of Gold River, the site was initially planned to close on September 7. Still, that date was extended until October 4, when residents contacted District recreation director Graham Cameron to reconsider the closure.

The closure has been extended yet again. The site is allowed to remain open until November 1 to enable discussions.

At the beginning of September, Gold River mayor Brad Unger said that the reason behind closing the site was “continued damage and mistreatment of property.”

The village of Gold River will be working with the Strathcona Regional District and any other user groups that use the site, as well as Recreation Sites and Trails B.C. to “find a solution to permit the site to remain open for the winter season,” according to the website of the village.

“We encourage any user group that is willing to be part of the solution to contact the Village office at [email protected] or 250-283-2202,” says the post on their site.

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