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Melfort Campground to Hold First Christmas Lights Tour

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The Christmas season in Melfort (Saskatchewan) is only getting more exciting, with a brand-new lights tour scheduled to start next weekend.

The Christmas lights show at the Melfort campground is supported by the city of Melfort and the sponsoring businesses and volunteers.

Coordinator Juanita Kember said the idea was first discussed several years ago but could finally move forward this year.

“It will be a humble beginning, but I hope people will see the potential of it for years to come,” Kember said.

The COVID-19 pandemic is slowing down businesses. Kember said this was the perfect time to let the concept come to life.

“We just thought it would be a really good thing to have in Melfort and have available for the Christmas season,” Kember said.

T.W. Enterprises created the laser cutouts of the display, and George Home Hardware got on board to assist in installing the extension cords, lighting, and floodlights to make things happen.

“Different businesses sponsored the cost of the displays to put them up,” Kember said.

The festival is set to launch on December 10  and it’s scheduled to run through the three weekends leading up to Christmas along the days of December 22 and 26.

The proceeds collected at the gate will be donated to local organizations that will assist.

“We are asking for a $10 minimum entry fee but above and beyond is encouraged because it goes to the service groups,” Kember said. “We want to make sure they are bringing in something for their volunteer work.”

Northeast Pregnancy Options will be helping at the gate during the opening weekend. Meskanaw 4-H members will also be available from December 16-19, and Communities in Bloom will take December 23 and 26.

The goal is that this event will bring joy to all the people in the community.

“It is a fun, festive thing to do as supporting service groups in the community and also an advertisement for different businesses,” Kember said.

There are about 20 local businesses who have joined as sponsors of the new lights tour in the city.

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