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Manitoba Makes Changes to Campground Reservations to Address High Demand

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The Manitoba (Canada) government is changing how campground reservations are processed to reduce long waiting times for those who book online or are being shut out of securing a reservation altogether.

According to a report, this year, guests who wish to reserve a yurt or cabin can only make two reservations at a time instead of three.

The maximum length of stay for a cabin or yurt booking will be seven nights, down from 14.

There will be five different opening days for reservations instead of three to accommodate different lodging types and parks to prevent the online system from crashing amid a flood of requests.

Conservation Minister Sarah Guillemard says there will also be upgrades to computer servers this year.

She stated that the government wants to have completely new software by 2023.

“The improvements will help manage the load on the opening day for reservations, ease the booking process for campers and provide more opportunities to book camping facilities in high demand and limited inventory, such as cabins and yurts,” Guillemard said in a news release Friday.

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