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Manitoba Campgrounds Drying Off After Flooding

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High water is still posing issues in certain locations, but Manitobans still have a chance of going on an excursion to camp in the coming weeks as some grounds are drying off, according to a report.

Whitemouth River Campground’s owner Laurie Guyot said their sites located on higher ground are fine; however, seven sites closer to the river are submerged under water.

“We’ve been at this since 2018, and unfortunately, this is our third flood, which has been abnormal. And of course (we) had the pandemic in there,” Guyot told a local report.

“But, we’ve come to the realization: it is what it is, and it’s overland flooding; it’s not our homes. So we have to be grateful for that.”

Positively, Guyot said they’re almost fully booked for the entire season. And those who had booked spots at the lower campsite will be offered sites where the ground is dry.

They will begin operations on May 14.

Morden has also been hit with severe flooding in the last few weeks, with roads at times looking like rivers.

However, nearby Lake Minnewasta sits on higher ground.

“It looks no different than any other season we’ve had pre-COVID,” campground manager Brian Thiessen said.

“It’s a little soggy from all the rain, but we’ve had a good drying trend this week, and we suspect that despite the rain in the forecast, this will continue even next week.”

The back-to-back Colorado Lows haven’t helped the situation. Thiessen said they began spring cleaning about two weeks later than usual.

They are anticipating beginning operations next Friday.

It’s a completely different scenario at Prairie Oak Campground to the north of Emerson.

The campground is located near the banks of the swollen Red River, and owner Kyle Wiebe stated that a ring dike protects the campground, but they’ve lost access to the road.

In the meantime, provincial campgrounds will not open until the following Friday.

Manitoba’s website states that there are instances where opening dates are delayed, or services are not available due to overland flooding.

An update on closures is scheduled to be available on their website Tuesday, May 10. Anyone who has booked a camping spot that is now submerged will be informed.

This story originally appeared on Global News.

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