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Manitoba Campers Demand More Compensation Following Campground Booking Cancellations

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Hundreds of Manitoba (Canada) campers have been notified that their upcoming camping reservation has been canceled because of the weather conditions.

Earlier this week, the Manitoba government announced that several campgrounds were forced to delay their opening dates due to flooding, frozen pipes, and inaccessible roads.

Camper Jenna Slobodzian waited online for almost three hours in April to reserve a spot at Tulabi Falls campground.

She recently received a notice stating that her site had been canceled due to the overland flooding, and the Tulabi campground won’t be open until June 3 at the earliest.

“I would hope to book something again, but I’ve looked at the Tulabi yurts, and it doesn’t look promising for the rest of this year,” Slobadzian said.

“It’s just a big headache, and I’ve never experienced anything like this in my lifetime before, and I’ve been camping since I was 16.”

She admits that weather can be unpredictable but wishes campers received better compensation than just getting refunds.

“Getting some priority maybe next year, not maybe for everything but you know, but for the people who got canceled at a certain provincial park, they get priority for next year at that provincial park.”

Compensation is something that camper Robert Griffin wasn’t offered.

“It seems like summers are short enough as it is, so this just makes it shorter,” Griffin said.

He got a seasonal spot at the White Lake campground, which isn’t expected to open until June 3.

“Of course, it’s always nice to get something back,” Griffin says. “By the time they get it back to you, it’ll be sometime this winter.”

In a statement, the province said it would return some money to seasonal campers.

“Once campers are allowed back into the campgrounds, prorated refunds for time missed will be issued to seasonal campers,” a Manitoba government spokesperson said.

This story originally appeared on Global News.

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