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Long-Time RV Park Owner Ready To Sell And Move On

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Todd’s RV and Camping has been in Peachland, Canada for a long time. The park was founded 65-years ago. Todd, 61, is about to sell it to a developer so he can move on, a report said.

Todd has been trying to sell this park for six years, but it was officially listed in 2005. He tried to convince different levels of government to purchase it to keep it as a camping area or to create a waterfront park.

There were no takers.

It is believed to be the last waterfront camping spot on Okanagan Lake.

Recently, however, the land is being considered for development.

Todd could only say that the developer has “got a few visions” about the future of the property. Although the sale is contingent upon rezoning, a formal proposal has not yet been processed by the District of Peachland.

There has been no camping at Todd’s since COVID and there have not been any washrooms. All those staying must be self-contained.

He is not sure if he will continue to operate the campground next summer or if the new owner will take over or if the campground will be closed down.

The COVID has caused a boom in RV sales but not necessarily a similar growth in camping areas, the report said.

The provincial campgrounds offer fewer services than the private ones, and that’s what people are looking for.

Todd is hopeful that his main concern will be where to go on his long-awaited summer vacation. He has always been drawn to Vancouver Island and he finds backcountry trips appealing as well, but he is open to any suggestions, the report added.

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