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KOA Gravenhurst Marks 50th Year

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KOA Campgrounds Gravenhurst (Ontario) celebrated its 50th founding year. According to a report, owner Paul Cook is thrilled about this milestone and the implications to his business.

Kampgrounds of America is the largest network of franchised campgrounds, with more than 500 locations across the United States and Canada.

KOA has been operating since 1962, beginning with the first KOA campground in Montana. A few years back, the camping experience at the KOA campsite wasn’t as glamorous as it is now. It was tents, not trailers and motorhomes.

Paul, who was born in Gravenhurst, said he started working at the campground in 1980 and then came across Mary whose parents owned KOA. 

Ten years later, in 1990, after their wedding, Mary and Paul took control of the business and began managing it by themselves.

Running KOA has provided a way to allow Paul and Mary to remain connected to the local community in Muskoka and has proven significant impact on them both in many ways.

One aspect that Paul emphasizes is the fact that KOA has become a custom for many.

Being a family’s favorite part of summer is a privilege, and Paul mentions a particular family visiting seasonally for the past four generations.

This type of devotion to a particular spot is what has earned the campground its long-lasting appeal.

KOA Gravenhurst offers several great recreational activities on its site, which campers well-like. 

Some of them include fishing, boating, golfing, mountain bike riding, and cross-country skiing in winter. Furthermore, since it is close to Gravenhurst’s bustling town, there are numerous things to do in the region, including Santa’s Village or riding on the Segwun Steamship!

In the years since the Gravenhurst KOA opened in the 70s, Paul says the most significant changes have been the dimensions of the motorhomes and trailers people camp in and the amenities that customers are seeking. He even mentioned that people are seeking WiFi in campsites now.

The staff working at KOA Gravenhurst are up for the enormous challenge of accommodating bigger trailers as they are planning to expand the number of their campsites by combining two spots into one larger site.

They also plan to start cross-country skiing this year as long as the snow remains. Although people are seeking more facilities, Paul says something that hasn’t changed is the desire of people to get out, hike the trails, and spend time in Muskoka’s wilderness.

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