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Iroquois Municipal Campground Increases Campground, Marina Fees

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According to a report, Iroquois Municipal Campground (Ontario, Canada) will see a 5% increase in its seasonal rate and an increase of 10% in its daily, weekly, and monthly fees.

According to Austin Marcellus, manager of parks and recreation for South Dundas, the new fee schedule considers the charges imposed by competitors and staffing level changes to take into account higher traffic hours of operation.

Winter storage fees will also increase to $100 per month.

A new two percent administrative fee is also being introduced, and kitchen rentals ($40) at the Iroquois Campground and Airport building.

Seasonal boat docking fees at the Galop Canal Marina in Iroquois will also increase 20% this year and another 20% in 2023. Administrative and parking fees are also included in the new fee schedule.

New fees won’t be in effect until the April 25 council meeting, but the staff is in the process of communicating these new rates to people who are enquiring about reservations.

This story originally appeared on The Leader.

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