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Highway 93 In Kootenay National Park Closed Northbound Due To Snow

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Highway 93, connecting Radium to the Alberta/B.C. border, is closed (northbound) between Stanley St. in Radium and Marble Canyon Campground, covering almost 90 km through Kootenay National Park.

According to a report, the closure for southbound traffic has been lifted, and traffic will resume around 10:00 a.m. 

The highway has been closed from Sunday, November 14, according to the Alberta RCMP and DriveBC.

Alberta RCMP has advised that there has been a multiple-vehicle collision west of Banff on Highway 93 on Sunday, leading to a road blockage and rendering the highway inaccessible at around 9:30 p.m. GMT. As of 10 a.m. on Monday, the highway was still closed because of a road blockage on the B.C. side of the border.

DriveBC reports an unusually heavy snowfall as the cause for their closure as well.

The winter conditions for driving are predicted to last throughout the day since Environment Canada has issued a snowfall advisory for East Columbia and the Golden region, with up to 10 cm of snow expected to fall until the afternoon of Monday.

Up to 50cm could fall along Highway 93, according to DriveBC.

Drivers are advised to take caution when driving, be prepared for unpredictable conditions, and think of alternatives to their travel plans.

B.C. Highway patrol has stated that this is not the right time to travel, as the dreadful weather continues to plague the province.

There is no alternative route available because Highway 93 is already part of the detour in use from Highway 1, which is currently closed because of construction near Golden.

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