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Hemp-Based Paneling Aimed At RV Industry

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Champions of a brand new business plan want to make use of western Canadian hemp to create sustainable panels for a range of items, a report said.

Inca Renewable Technologies Inc. is currently developing hemp-based paneling targeting the RV market.

David Saltman, Inca’s chief executive officer, announced that the company has signed an agreement in partnership with Genesis Products, based in Elkhart, Indiana, to provide paneling for RVs.

“We’ve already signed a distribution agreement with Genesis, which is one of the largest distributors to the RV industry,” Saltman said. Saltman.

“Our plan is to site about a 105,000 sq. foot manufacturing operation close to a rail line—300-mile radius (480 km) of where a lot of the hemp is being grown,” said Saltman. “And to process all of that and turn it into high-value long fiber for panel board lines and a short fiber for injecting molding materials.”

Saltman explained that this implies that Inca is expected to sign long-term contracts for farmers’ biomass.

According to Saltman, there is a market for alternatives to plastics that hemp may offer if reality can meet the goal for hemp products.

In addition to providing components that can be used in RVs, the automobile industry is also seeking eco-friendly materials.

“But more importantly, it’s to make a superior product,” said Saltman. “A lighter product, a stronger product, a class-A, fire-rated product. It’s just fascinating as to what this is going to.”

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