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Grateful Campground And Community Feed Firefighters

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The Rondalyn Resort campground maintenance crew hosted a surprise barbecue last week for over two dozen wildfire crew members who had been fighting the interface fire at Mt. Hayes. Many firefighters were on the frontlines of the fire from the moment it began on Aug. 19., a report said.

Michael English from the campground said, “We just wanted to show appreciation to all these men and women for their steadfast determination to keep the fire under check.”

“We wanted to express our gratitude for these people who are constantly in danger, seven days a week.”

The B.C. The Wildfire Service released a statement stating that the fire was still being controlled after it had burned approximately 73 hectares. It involved the efforts of three water-dropping helicopters, two air tankers, and nearly 60 firefighters.

English, Darrel Kennedy, and Mark Medd, from Rondalyn, prepared and cooked all meals for the firefighters, who were staying at the campsite at Timberlands Road. Rondalyn’s owners provided the camping for firefighters.

Timberlands Pub provided apple platters and 49th Parallel Grocery donated groceries. Cassidy Farm Market also gave them a range of groceries. Save-On-Foods Ladysmith advised the organizers to gather whatever they need for the firefighters.

English stated, “This is community. It’s all about us appreciating those who put their health and safety at risk to keep us safe.”

The fire at Mt. According to Dorthe Jakobsen, Hayes was “in mop-up stage” and was being considered “being held”. Although there were 24 firefighters still on the fire, she said that no aerial resources were being used at that point.

All alerts and evacuation orders, including one for the Fortis B.C. facility at Mt. Hayes had been lifted.

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