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Go RVing Canada Names New Agency Of Record

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Go RVing Canada has selected Broken Heart Love Affair (BHLA) as its creative Agency of Record (AOR) to replace the incumbent Doug&Partners, a report said. BHLA will be joining a roster that includes Jungle Media and Agnostic.

Broken Heart Love Affair (BHLA) co-founders Todd Mackie and Denise Rossetto have had a long-standing relationship with Go RVing Canada, but they’ll soon be part of determining the future direction of the organization.

“BHLA is now part of an integrated team, and we’re all functioning under one platform,” says Chris Mahony, president of the lifestyle organization. The platform known as “Wildhood” was first conceptualized by Mackie and Rossetto while they were with Doug&Partners in 2015, and Go RVing Canada continues to draw upon it as the foundation for their messaging to this day.

“A lot of people talk about the brands they want to work on, but the way we’ve talked about things is who we want to work with. That makes a huge difference as to whether a brand is successful or not,” explains Mackie, now a partner and CCO at BHLA. “We had a great relationship with Chris [Mahony] a long time ago, and we created something really special. To have that opportunity again is a lot of pressure on us.”

This is a critical moment for the RV industry, which witnessed an increase in demand in the midst of the pandemic despite an influx of dealer closings because of lockdowns.

Go RVing Canada is trying to take advantage of this moment and make the most of it, changing the pandemic crowd into long-term RVers.

“Our audience has grown significantly, and now what we’re looking to do is speak to this new audience in a different way,” explains Mahony.

For starters, BHLA will “take a step back strategically” to gain a better understanding of the land post-pandemic and gain a better understanding of the customer. Mackie said, “there’s a lot to figure out before something hits the air.”

“We keep talking about all of the freedoms that were taken away from us [during lockdown] that we may have taken for granted. RVing gives us the ultimate freedom to go and explore any piece of land we’re attached to,” says Mackie. “There’s a huge opportunity to explore the current mindset of consumers, get a real clear look at how people are feeling, and find out where this brand can sit in their hearts. We can play a role in their happiness.”

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