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Forest River Looking Into Electric RV Market

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The market for shuttle buses is an ideal market for cities that are driving electrification. However, one other area Forest River is investigating for potential is the market for electric RVs, a report said.

“We’re definitely talking about it internally,” said David Wright, Forest River’s president for its bus division. Wright shared this after an interview with a local report about the company being poised to more than triple its electric bus sales in Canada.

However, Wright admits that it could be a bit further off than buses.

“I think you’re going to see wide acceptance of electric RVs, especially when you think about the environment and being outdoors,” he explains.

“Obviously, in the RV market, there’s much more traveling involved and longer distances. As range continues to expand, which it certainly will, and the price point continues to come down, I think over the next couple of years you’re going to see more and more electric RVs. And I think Forest River will be at the forefront of that because it’s a priority for us.”

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