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Development Permit Approved For Ontario Campground

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Vulcan County’s municipal planner (MPC) approved a permit to develop a private campground east of Champion, a report said.

On Sept. 1, the MPC approved Bernie Seifert’s permission to build phase one of his campground. It is located on an 8.9-hectare parcel on Travers Reservoir’s south side, just 18 km east of Champion. This land is zoned rural recreation.

The approval was subject to 40 conditions. These conditions include items that must be fulfilled before construction starts, during construction, or during the campground operation.

The administration strongly recommended that phase one be approved by the MPC if it was contemplating approving the application. This includes 45 RV sites and six teepees. It also includes 18 four-person and 12 two-person camping pods. There are also water reservoirs, water holding tanks, and the expansion of a renewable power system. The washrooms include nine port-a toilettes outhouses and two porta-showers. Two-port-a washing basins and two porta-showers. A groundskeeper dorm, playground, and rental shack.

Seifert envisions 70 RV sites, 33 two-person glamping pods, and 27 four-person glamping pods at full buildout. There will also be six teepees.

Note at the Sept. 1 approval says that the applicant must obtain a separate development permit for any future phases. A separate development permit is also required for the clubhouse, other structures, earthworks, or marina. This includes the 45 unserviced RV sites and the 18 cabins for four, 12 cabins for two, and six teepees.

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