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Cypress Hills Saskatchewan Campsite Reservations Open Today

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Saskatchewan Parks (Canada) has been opening nightly camping reservations over the past week, and starting today, visitors can begin making reservations at the park closest to Medicine Hat.

As per a report, Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park is the biggest park in Saskatchewan and is among the most popular for campers, according to Sask Parks’ executive director of visitor experiences.

“You just know when you’re in Cypress Hills that it’s a special place,” Robin Campese says. 

“It definitely has to do with the atmosphere. The lodgepole pines are quite unique in the province, so that seems to really captivate people a little bit, and there’s just lots to do; there’s swimming pools and lots of in-park businesses. But I think overall it’s just a feeling there.”

Campese announces that a new campground will be opening at Cypress Hills this summer.

“It’s called Pine Hill there’ll be 60 new sites. You can reserve them now, stays only begin mid-July because they’ll be getting the campground sort of prepared between now and then. So that’s also a good option if you’re open to sort of camping in a new area of the park as well.”

For campers making reservations today, Campese advises making sure your account still works and is correctly set up. She added that trip planning could go a long way, too.

The booking page has a new feature called Favourites which can be used to select a number of sites that would fit campers’ needs.

A calendar of the latest park events and programs and a streamlined gate entry procedure are also new this year.

Campsite Comparison is another useful feature, according to Campese.

“So you can actually pull up three sites at once and compare them. So you might look at site length, what type of barbecue it has if it’s sunny or shady, and then you can make a decision that way,” she says.

Flexible scheduling will also aid in getting a site, she adds, noting that there are a lot of available sites during May, June, and after the middle of August.

Today, reservations will also open for Crooked Lake, Blackstrap, and Lac La Ronge provincial parks.

For more information, visit https://www.tourismsaskatchewan.com/places-to-go/provincial-parks

This story originally appeared on Chat News Today. 

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