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Couple Builds Minimalist Off-Grid, Winter-Proofed Camper Vans

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The Van Dads is a new Toronto-based design-build company that builds off-grid, winter-proofed homes for vanlifers, festival-goers, or anyone else who wants to have their own off-grid private home, a report said.

As with many new businesses, The Van Dads came from lockdown when Gui Figueiredo and his life and business partner Jeremy Vandermeij decided to construct their campervan in the winter of 2020/2021.

The summer of this year saw them out on the road, working and living throughout the journey from Canada from Tofino, located on Vancouver Island.

The space is cramped and sometimes gets dirty. However, Vandermeij states that you can simply open the door, and the outside becomes an additional space.

After discovering they could design custom vans with open-concept and minimalist design, they decided to launch a company that offers something distinct from what is on the market.

Image Courtesy: The Van Dads

The Swift Chalet van, available on their website, is equipped with almost all you require, including solar panels, an electrical system, a water system, and a fridge. It also has a composting toilet, an induction cooktop, as well as a Wi-Fi system.

They utilized genuine Baltic Birch plywood to give an inviting feel and counters made of powder pink laminate. Everything must be strong and safe to withstand the rigors of vibration during driving.

Image Courtesy: The Van Dads

The only thing this van isn’t equipped with is a shower, but you could use the kitchen sink’s hose outside for an outdoor shower or take advantage of the showers at campgrounds.

The solar panels can provide energy to last for two days on a full charge.

Vandermeij says the experience of being in the van during the summer has inspired him to share that experience with more people.

“It’s a beautiful experience living in a van, especially in the world we live in, where we’ve been recently trapped in our homes. Having a home on wheels and finding a sense of wonder, again, this summer was brilliant and made my soul alive again.”

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