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Council OKs Overnight Camping at Pitman’s Bay Campground

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Council has approved overnight camping for Pitman’s Bay Campground in Huntsville (Ontario, Canada) during the special council meeting on Friday.

As per a report, the waterfront campground located on Mary Lake was typically accessible for daytime use only for family events with a permit. However, Mayor Karin Terziano said, “The Town recognizes some people rented Pitmans Bay with the understanding that overnight camping was permitted.”

Parks and public places typically prohibit overnight camping. However, an amendment was enacted to permit overnight camping for Pitmans from July 29, 2022, to December 30, 2022.

The fees associated with the rental for July 29, 2022, until August 1, 2022, have also been waived.

The approval is valid for Pitman’s Bay Campground only.

Terziano added that the staff would review the current by-laws and policies related to the use of Pitman’s Bay and report back to Council.

Pitman’s Bay features a lodge building with a change room area and onsite washrooms. There are a lot of open and wooded areas within the campground that people of all ages can enjoy. 

This story originally appeared on Muskoka Radio. Featured image from Town of Huntsville.

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