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Conservation Officers, Municipality Working On Mitigating Bear Encounters At Whistler Campground

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The bear encounters at the Riverside Resort in Whistler, British Columbia were a hot discussion at a recent Whistler Bear Advisory Committee (WBAC) session. According to a report, it led to a brief exchange of words at the November 2 council gathering.

Bear incidents at the campground were among the “primary issue in Whistler” in mid-August, stated Conservation Officer Service (COS) Sgt. Simon Gravel, minutes from the meeting revealed.

Last summer, the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) staff members visited the site along with COS to look at various options, said the Environmental Stewardship Manager Heather Beresford at the Nov 2 council meeting.

“There’s been a lot of information sharing and education done on the sites, but we are also considering some modifications to the vegetation down there and just the general tent site layout,” Beresford said, adding that the site presents challenges for the COS.

“It’s just solid bushes, and so the bears can move through there without being seen–they just kind of pop out—so we’re working on that over the winter,” she explained.

The management of the campground was “really supportive,” Beresford added.

“They want to make this work … They’ve been very progressive on a lot of things, they’re very cooperative, but some of the site layout is just really problematic,” she said.

“So I think that by the time next season rolls around, we’re going to have pieces in place and a plan to try to reduce the number of issues that are in there.”

COS reported receiving 232 complaints about bears within Whistler in 2021, as of October 15.

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